Discover Vinisce, a hidden piece of heaven in Croatia

The lovely fishing village of Vinisce is perfect for your vacation . It offers a range of cafés, restaurants, konobas, and a local farmer market. Enjoy a good cup of coffee while watching sailing boats entering or leaving its beautiful bay. It is a real pleasure. Come and join us in September and October. Croatia’s most beautiful months. Enjoy gorgeous temperatures, dive into clear sea water heated by the hot summer.

It's nice to stroll through the town along the waterfront in the evenings mixing with locals and enjoying traditional local fare. A few grocery stores provide for anything you would need to prepare a complete meal, a lunch or a snack. Bakery goods are tasty and plentiful in the mornings, but get there early for the best selections. Don't miss the chance to charter a boat and take in the breath-taking coastal views of the Adriatic.

Be sure to visit the famous harbor town of Trogir, about 20 minutes from Vinisce. It's well worth a trip to see this historic gem. It a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with beautiful Romanesque churches and Renaissance and Baroque buildings from the Venetian period. There are many shops and restaurants to choose from as you wind your way through the passageways of this ancient town.

Don't visit the region without spending a day in Split. What's not to love about a city center contained within the walls of a 1700 year old palace? It's an amazing experience and a step back in time. Bring your camera with wherever you go; the scenery is stunning! Be sure to walk the "Riva" and enjoy the ambiance and flavors of Split.

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